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7 horribly wrong things about the first book ever published on female street children in Egypt

ImageA few days ago, I became aware that, very recently (October 2013), a book had been published about female street children in Egypt. I did not hesitate and immediately ordered the book. After all, I had spent a long time researching this topic, and similar published work had to date been non-existent. While ordering “Il Binait Dol – Egypt’s Hidden Shame” by Gwenllian Meredith, I felt sceptical about the title which is copied from a documentary about female street children and which gives the false impression of a connection between the two.

When the package arrived, I realised that this was not a book that went through the process of peer-reviewing and editing, and that was published by a publisher, but that the author had printed and distributed it herself. Also, the layout was terrible. So what, I thought to myself, I cared about the content. I was looking forward to learn more about street girls, and to be able to refer to a new piece of (semi-academic) literature.


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